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Adée - International Women's Day 2019

I met Adée whilst in Sweden on tour with Elle Exxe last year. We clicked straight away, talking about her and my influences from the Hip Hop world. I talked to her about how her delivery reminded me of Vic Mensa and the content was very Noname-esque. It was refreshing to come across someone who got what I was talking about in ideas, and was very gracious about the fact I was slightly deafened by the venue’s sound system and the fact I’d had something like four hours of sleep the night before.

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Headlines @ The Get Down, Melbourne 19.09.18

In my first stint in Oz, all the time I hung out with my friend Arow, I never met her boyfriend Chris - one half of Headlines. So, it was weird to stand outside of Horse Bazaar again on my second Oz adventure, waiting for her to appear, only for this guy to precede her, staring at me like he knew me from a different life. I stared back at him because I felt like I knew him too.

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Dan Pearce - Endangered

I met Dan a few years ago, and we’ve collaborated a few times as Dan’s career has progressed on a variety of projects. He’s a solid guy with a really powerful creative eye. We met up literally days after I arrived home from my time in Australia and got to work on producing content for his then upcoming project based around endangered species of animals. One exhibition of this line was sponsored by the WWF (the panda one, not the men in spandex one), another was sponsored by International Animal Rescue.

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