Sarah Darling UK Tour - Summer 2018

So, I was gonna do your typical breakdown of the whole tour. Date by date, blow by blow, but it sounded boring to me, so it’d be boring to anyone reading it.

Not that the tour was a bore. Far from it.

Kent, London, Newcastle, Bristol, Hull.

The country music scene in the UK is probably the strongest one I’ve seen so far, passionate fans who know the words to all the lyrics, and friendly musicians who hang out with each other and the crews. Plus the big characters that each city is naturally home to - shoutout Ryan the Riot in Bristol.

One thing I love about tours is the hours you have to pass between performing or other engagements, which leads you to hanging out with new people, a lot of walking around the cities, and just talking with the people you’re travelling with.

It was a lot of fun getting to know Sarah, the crazy life she leads and how humble she is about it. I’d be sat moaning about eating one too many grapes, and she would’ve just landed on a flight from the US and managed to have fit in fifteen other things in the time it takes me to say the words “I should stop eating grapes”. She’s passionate about her music, her fans, and the people involved in her day-to-day - it’s a pretty respectable and admirable trait.

That, and she dealt with my dumb jokes like a champ.