Rack Jones @ The Grace Darling Hotel

I met the Rack Jones boys pretty early on in 2018, when my friend Taylor asked if I wanted to shoot their EP Launch with him. It was a sell-out gig not far from where I was living in Melbourne at the time, and in the Worker’s Club, a venue I’d been by a few times and never actually gone in.

The boys are pretty sound, and I became friends with them, seeing them at house parties and nights out over the next few months. We tried to get together a few times for a music video or something or other, but timing never worked out. Fortunately, I did manage to cover their headlining gig at The Grace Darling Hotel a few weeks before I left Oz for the British summer.

I also did some work for the goldsocks boys and Dumb Whales too. Which would lead on to me ending up back in Melbourne later in the year to do some work for the latter!

Meeting Rack Jones was a real leg-up in getting involved with the live music/rock scene in Melbourne, so shout-out to Taylor for getting me in to film with him, and the Rack Jones boys for letting me tag along wherever they stood on a stage.