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Mono the Messenger - Bars Bars Bars

I honestly can’t remember the specifics of when I met Mono.

I know it happened between January and March of 2018. In Melbourne. Most likely at Horse Bazaar for a Can I Kick It? event. But I can’t remember how we met, or if someone introduced us to each other.

I don’t even know if we said more than simple pleasantries to each other.

The man just appears on stage, hushes the crowd with ease and waits for the beat to begin.

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Headlines @ The Get Down, Melbourne 19.09.18

In my first stint in Oz, all the time I hung out with my friend Arow, I never met her boyfriend Chris - one half of Headlines. So, it was weird to stand outside of Horse Bazaar again on my second Oz adventure, waiting for her to appear, only for this guy to precede her, staring at me like he knew me from a different life. I stared back at him because I felt like I knew him too.

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