Headlines @ The Get Down, Melbourne 19.09.18

In my first stint in Oz, all the time I hung out with my friend Arow, I never met her boyfriend Chris - one half of Headlines. So, it was weird to stand outside of Horse Bazaar again on my second Oz adventure, waiting for her to appear, only for this guy to precede her, staring at me like he knew me from a different life. I stared back at him because I felt like I knew him too.

Turns out, that was Chris.

After all the talking and greetings amongst everyone Headlines was hanging with, we pretty much hung out and watched the supporting acts. I wish I could name them but I was pretty spun out from trying to squeeze as much into my little Melbourne adventure as possible. On the off-chance that you’re reading this; I’m sorry. You were great. If I see you again, I’ll commend your performance that chilly September night.

Being back at Horse Bazaar was a rush. It became the local haunt that I’d take any friend I was hanging out with, where I’d meet clients, or where I’d recommend to anyone who said the word “Melbourne”. Shout out to them for having the meanest chicken plates in Oz.

Headlines brought a lot of energy to the stage, a few guests including MC Nehi, who is a genius freestyler and also the funniest storyteller around, and it was a blast to shoot, as you can tell from the photos. If you can’t, I’ll put the camera down and get a real job.

These guys are just added to the long list of positive and creative people I’ve met when in Oz and working around this world. Seeing new videos pop up on Facebook on the regular is pretty inspiring to see, almost as clear as their passion. Do yourself a favour, watch my video (because I’m a narcissist), and then check out their music. It’s the stuff you wanna hear first thing in the morning, when you’re at the gym, stuck on public transport, or just vibing out.

Thanks again to Headlines, Teepz, Nehi, Arow, Horse Bazaar, the Uber drivers, and that random drunk guy on a bicycle who stopped to tell me I had nice teeth. You keep it real.