Sean Rumsey + Serena Kern - Let Me Love You (Live)

Sean and I go way back. Like, all the way back to last summer, on tour with Sarah Darling traversing the British Country festival scene. We got on well from the outset; him impressing me with his yoga-like sleeping position in the van, me impressing him with my knowledge of Tom Cruise and Scientology.

It’s always good to get a message from Sean, whether it’s a goofy callback to tour, or asking about something or other. He’s a solid guy. So, I was more than happy to get involved with his latest live session project with singer Serena Kern.

When I arrived at The Premises Studio, I got to hang out with Serena for a little while whilst waiting on Sean. We talked about her work as a lawyer, and with schools, AND her career as a musician. She’s a person who seems to subvert all expectations of every aspect of life, whilst also seemingly seizing every second of everyday. Sean rocked up, and we caught to it. I did a quick little light test/photoshoot as they got warmed up and comfortable with my goofy-ass wandering around with a camera, and then we just smashed it out.

It’s always odd to speed through a shoot, no matter what it is, if it all goes too easy then I’m left questioning when it’s gonna become problematic - my car went into limp mode on the way home, five minutes after passing the huge Volkswagen place on the way out of London.

There’s two flavours to the video; Black + White, and colour. No major reason, it’s just how I delivered it to Sean and Serena, plus the light was pretty dramatic and awesome in both versions. So, if you like the song, you can watch it in two styles. Or don’t, just watch one. Whatever.

Thanks to Sean for being the realest as usual, and Serena for being an inspiring force of nature, nothing makes you wanna try harder in life than when you find someone who works harder AND smarter than you.