Adée - International Women's Day 2019

I met Adée whilst in Sweden on tour with Elle Exxe last year. We clicked straight away, talking about her and my influences from the Hip Hop world. I talked to her about how her delivery reminded me of Vic Mensa and the content was very Noname-esque. It was refreshing to come across someone who got what I was talking about in ideas, and was very gracious about the fact I was slightly deafened by the venue’s sound system and the fact I’d had something like four hours of sleep the night before.

Since then, we’ve talked a lot, sharing ideas and talking a lot about our experiences in our respective industries. It’s safe to say that Adée has become a good friend, and I’ve been fortunate enough for her to ask for and trust my opinion on some of her work. So much so, she asked me to fly out to Stockholm to document her day in the capital and her performance at Sveriges Mäktigaste Kvinna, Grand Hotel, Stockholm.

I always find it weird to be a Valleys boy in expensive places, a sentiment that Adée shared being from little Öland herself, but people were running up to welcome her and chat. I’ve no idea what they were saying but she handled the whole thing with a smile on her face whilst also doing soundcheck and finalising her visual projections for her performance.

It was great being welcomed by Adée’s band, and getting to hang out with them, they’re incredibly friendly and somehow my dry sense of humour translated - that, or they were just being polite with their laughter.

Adée opened and closed the show with “World on Fire” and closed it with “Woman” - which is such a banger, with powerful lyrics to boot.

It was fun to be back in Stockholm, it feels like an American city but politer people and wider streets - the city feels like it breathers, rather than feeling constrained like some of London’s streets. Kinda like Melbourne now that I think about it. So more like an Australian city than an American city.

Working with Adée again and seeing her perform was an incredible night, she puts her all into every word she speaks - on and off the stage - always with a smile on her face. The whole 36-hour adventure was a blast, and just makes me more excited to get our other videos out there into the world.