Dumb Whales - Sucker

I originally met Dumb Whales when they were going by the name of Whales as support for Rack Jones my first time in Melbourne. I covered their set with the intention of just making some live performance videos for them.

As the British summer came and went, Phil from the band got in touch asking if I was still in Melbourne, I wasn’t at the time - I was in London working through the unnaturally hot summer the UK was experiencing - but I’d just agreed to fly to Byron Bay for work for the following week.

Rough plans were made for me to fly to Melbourne after Byron, and I met up with the Dumb Whales boys, did a bit of chit-chat then off we went around Richmond, Carl the keg in tow.

The weirdest thing about shooting “Sucker” was that no-one really questioned why we were carrying a keg around with a face on it, other than two older men who pointed out how easily Shannon was slinging it around; “On your way to get a fresh one?”.

That was until we found ourselves papped by a sports show - I’m not gonna pretend I know enough about AFL or Aussie TV to guess what show it was - and were featured on that night’s summary of the cup final.

And we managed to get a cameo by local Collingwood celebrity Joffa - again, no idea who he is, but he was happy to pose with a keg that had a face drawn on it. Nice one, Joffa.