Sarah Darling - Fire

Throughout March, I found myself doing guest appearances on Sarah Darling’s UK tour in support of her upcoming album release, “Wonderland”. It was good to be back working with Sarah after being on tour with her last summer.

Amongst doing my usual thing for Sarah, the plan was to make a video of her British adventures for her new song Fire. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest country fan - anyone who’s known me for more than five minutes will tell you that every fifth word is currently “BROCKHAMPTON” - but the message of the song is something that really stuck with me.

The question of wondering if choosing a life of risks without the promise of the desired reward is worth it, but also reminding yourself to look back at how far you’ve come whenever the weight of the journey gets too much. Analysis like that is how I managed my A* in GCSE Art History.

I covered her weekend at the Country2Country London event - shoutout to my boy Alex for doing the duties of video and photo on Saturday when I was unavailable - which allowed me to get back into the groove of live gig shooting in a festival setting. Then there was her Bush Hall performance the Wednesday after, and Komedia in Brighton a week later.

Down in Brighton, Sarah and I went out the morning before her gig to shoot some extra stuff along the pebble beach and on the pier. It gave us time to talk about the video and the song itself.

It’s an interesting time to know Sarah; her popularity in the UK is rising pretty sharply and she handles everything that comes her way with grace and humility. She’s back and forth the Atlantic more than I’ve said “BROCKHAMPTON”, which as you know from up above, is a lot.

I’m really proud of this video, I think it shows off Sarah’s passion for her performances and music, as well as her investment in her fans. Seeing the one-on-one interactions that she has with them is amazing, the time she takes to hear everything they have to say to them, and even the interactions she has online. At one point, I showed her an image of her hugging a smiling fan and she casually responded, “Oh, that’s Katie, such a sweetheart, we talk whenever she comes to a gig”.

Sarah’s passion and constant energy for everything that comes with her way is inspiring, for a natural cynic and nihilist, it gives me hope that I’ll one day be happy.

Also, I broke Andy the drummer’s brain by telling him that Donald Glover and Childish Gambino were the same person - it was like telling a small child Santa’s not real.